When I turned in and began to look at myself in a way I had never down before I started to understand that I had all the power I needed for change, I just needed to discover it. In doing this, everything in my life was propelled into positive change.

I handed my self a freedom from within.

It is now my firm and unwavering belief that you too, can discover internal resources you didn’t know existed and in doing so, can catapult your own life to higher levels.

I doesn’t matter where you are on life’s path, I know you can discover a freedom from within that will change your life.

This is my purpose. To inspire people to find within themselves the power to create lasting change.

Josh created coaisathing.com, reaching more of the most vulnerable people worldwide. Josh is a true ambassador and inspiration for children affected by a parents drinking everywhere and Nacoa is enriched by his outstanding contribution and simply by knowing him.
— Hilary Henriques MBE - Nacoa Founder & CEO

This purpose continues to take me on a journey. Due to my own experience of growing up with a father lost in alcohol abuse I am grateful for my role as helpline councillor and ambassador for Nacoa. Since finding Nacoa I have been part of the campaign for change for children affected by a parents drinking. As an ambassador for Nacoa and all the amazing work they do, I have worked closely with MP’s to formulate change and attract meaningful funding for those affected.


I have also created the now global online community coaisathing.com. Coaisathing is short for ‘child of an alcoholic is a thing’ and has become about creating a space where the affected can feel safe and heard.


I am always expanding on my purpose and looking for new ways to helping others discover their true powers and potential in this world.